diagnosticsWhat happens when there is a new problem with your vehicle? Did you notice that while accelerating, your transmission slips a little bit? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your car is producing more exhaust than it was before. Or, possibly, your check engine light is activated. Let’s face it – if there is a problem with your vehicle, you probably can’t pinpoint it yourself, and you most likely can’t fix it. That’s where University Automotive comes in. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to perform auto diagnostics in Sacramento, CA, and we’ll get to the bottom of your car’s issues in a hurry.

Diagnostics Sacramento CA

Auto diagnostics are a great way to understand what is going on with your vehicle. Today’s diagnostics technology allows our technicians to diagnose problems, saving time and money quickly. University Automotive uses diagnostics tools to detect malfunctioning parts and systems within the vehicle and determine which component needs repair or replacement. In addition to diagnostics tools, modern diagnostics rely heavily on computers to analyze data and spot patterns that may indicate engine or other issues. With reliable diagnostics technology and service from University Automotive, auto owners can have peace of mind knowing their vehicle is running in peak condition.

Check Engine Light Sacramento CA

While driving, you check your dashboard and notice an orange light that reads “check engine.” Uh-oh. It’s crucial to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance; diagnosing the check engine light is a great way to start. This warning light can appear for multiple reasons, such as a loose gas cap, a faulty sensor, or something more serious, like worn-out spark plugs or a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Once this light appears, it is essential to have diagnostics performed to check for error codes so that our techs know what needs attention. While check engine lights can initially be daunting, identifying the cause and promptly managing it can help save you time and money!

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When your car shows signs of some new problem, don’t freak out – just get your vehicle to the pros at University Automotive. We perform the best, fastest auto diagnostics in Sacramento, CA, and we will find and fix any problem your car may have. Just let our techs take a look, and we will let you know precisely what your vehicle needs to run right again. Just make an appointment, and we will do the rest!

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