What Does the Transmission Oil Do?

The transmission oil is also called the transmission fluid because it is a hydraulic fluid that helps the transmission shift gears. In addition, the fluid lubricates moving parts to protect them. It also draws heat and dirt away from the parts to make sure the transmission does not overheat.

The best way to take care of your vehicle’s transmission is to have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles. This also gives us an opportunity to inspect the transmission and replace any worn parts. Let’s talk about what happens when the transmission fluid is too low in the automatic transmission.

Red Fluid Underneath the Vehicle

This protective and hydraulic fluid can leak out of the transmission if there is a crack in the transmission pan. It can also leak out of the transmission if the pan gasket has cracked. Other transmission parts out of which the fluid can leak include the seals and gaskets and the torque converter.

In its initial stage, the transmission fluid is red and translucent. As it starts to age and gets dirty, it turns from red to orange and then to brown. Consequently, if your transmission is leaking, you will see red, orange, or brown fluid underneath the automobile toward its center.

Your first inclination may be to check the fluid level in the transmission, but, in most cases, the dipstick is underneath the vehicle. If you would like to save the effort of crawling underneath your car, bring your automobile to our shop so we can raise it and check the fluid level.

Malfunctioning Transmission

Unfortunately, as the transmission continues to lose fluid out of the leaking part, it will start to malfunction. One of the first things that will happen is the transmission will overheat. You will smell hot odors underneath your automobile that may waft into the passenger cabin.

The transmission will also struggle to operate with a low level of fluid in it. Specifically, the gear shifts will become quite rough and you may hear the gears grinding as they shift. In addition, the transmission may slip out of gear and back into Neutral by itself.

It is important that you bring your vehicle to our shop right away if you have a transmission fluid leak or the transmission is malfunctioning. The sooner we find the problem and fix it the fewer chances you have of damaging the transmission beyond repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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