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University Automotive, Sacramento CA and Arden Arcade CA, 95825, Auto Repair, Diesel Repair, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair and Hybrid Repair
Craig and Amy Heiser, 

Darryl, Amy, Craig and Dylan.
Three generations to help you.

Chosen "Best Place to get your Motor Running" in "Sacramento Magazine"!

Hello! I am Craig Heiser, and I would like to welcome you to University Automotive in Sacramento and Arden Arcade. For the last 16 years, I have been working on putting together the friendliest auto repair shop in Sacramento. With over 50 years of collective experience, we are proud to be your local Auto Repair experts. Our team at University Automotive is dedicated to meeting all your vehicle needs. Our reputation has been built on our ability to solve complex drive-ability problems, as well as maintain and repair your vehicle bumper to bumper.

We are committed to providing trustworthy, honest, and reputable service. Each and every one of our reliable technicians undergoes extensive automotive repair training, including advanced certification in Brake Repair, Transmission Repair, Hybrid Repair and Ford, Dodge, and Chevy Diesel Repair. As the premier auto repair shop in Sacramento, you can be assured that only a certified master technician will touch your vehicle. Our highly trained technicians take pride in all of their Auto Repair efforts.

To ensure peace of mind while driving, most repairs are warrantied for 5 year 50k mile parts and labor warranty and 2 year 24k mile warranty parts and labor on brakes, and Timing belts are warrantied for the duration of the manufactures recommended interval. That's right, we warranty your timing belt until the next one is due. We also offer free drop off and pick up shuttle service for your convenience.

At University Automotive, we are grateful to offer reliable vehicle care to Sacramento residents, as well as to visitors or those just driving through. We look forward to the opportunity to service or repair your vehicle and ensure your safety on the road.

Pick up and drop off shuttle service to keep your weekends to yourself!
Your vehicle hand washed and vacuumed with any service or repair!

Voted "Best Auto Repair" on the KCRA A-list 5 years in a row!

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Richard B M. from Carmichael, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 3/31/2015:
"Best in town. Can't be beat!"

Deborah H. from Carmichael, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 3/9/2015:
"I would never think of going anywhere else when I have an issue with my car, I trust UA"

Chris N. from Sacramento, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 3/6/2015:
"Very personable people, clean office area, people are friendly and knowledgeable"

Alison L. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 3/5/2015:
"U.A.'s customer service is consistently excellent, and they meet their commitments."

Jennifer B. from Sacramento, CA, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 3/4/2015:
"University Automotive makes the getting car repairs a pleasant experience. Customers are dealt with fairly, honestly, and with a smile."

Lori N. from Sacramento, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 3/3/2015:
"I have been a customer of University Auto for 10 years. I have always been treated with kindness, respect and honesty. I will always recommend University Auto!"

Richard M. from Carmichael, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 2/26/2015:
"If you want 1st class service ask for Donald"

Suzette M. from Sacramento, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 1/30/2015:
"Your staff shows the greatest courtesy. I've been quite ill for the past 3 weeks, unable to drive. When my battery wouldn't turn over, your young fellows came immediately (within 10 mins) to jump start the car. Just two days later, it happened again. And...again, they were Johnny on the spot. Took my car back to the shop, installed a new battery and delivered the car the same day - washed and vacuumed. Who would not love this shop ?? Thanks so much for making my life a little easier."

Sherri A. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 1/20/2015:
"I appreciate that University Auto's employee Donald was very good about explaining and showing me exactly what the problems were with my car. He also was understanding about my financial situation, and helped me in prioritizing the needed repairs and managing the costs. He never made me feel stupid and was sympathetic to my feelings and concerns. That has often not been my experience when dealing with other repair services, and it is why I continue to come to University, even after moving farther away."

Mike G. from West Sacramento, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 1/19/2015:
"The customer or potential customer receives a detailed estimate which is fully explained by University staff along with a few options that may attractive to the customer. University Auto is very flexible when scheduling your visit. You always have the feeling you can trust this company to provide you with a good product at a fair price."

Anonymous on 1/9/2015:
"Customer service is excellent however the cost of diagnosis and repairs was actually higher than the Toyota dealer's cost."

Mallory M. from Sacramento, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 1/1/2015:
"Good, friendly service though I think the quality control has diminished. Someone needs to check that the required service was performed. On my last visit, I had a multilevel switch replaced. When I drove home, my blinkers did not work. I returned to the shop & the service tech promptly secured the connection & the blinkers worked fine. On my prior visit, I paid for a new battery which I did not receive. The error was not discovered until my car did not start one day. Luckily I was at work and not stranded. AAA came out & that's when I discovered the battery had not been replaced. Had to have my jeep towed to your shop. I understand mistakes happen, but it is concerning when it happens on a regular basis. I am a regular customer and have referred several clients to your shop over the years. I hope that I can continue to do so."

Barbara L. from Sacramento, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 12/30/2014:
"The employees go above and beyond to accomodate their customers"

Anonymous on 12/29/2014:
"I have used this company since before Craig and their current location. I took a break when I owned a Mercedes and used Bartech next door, but now I am back to University with my Toyota and am happy with their services. They have grown the business with repeat, referral and new business and will expand to a new location behind Panera and Howe and Hurley. Great customer service and you can drop it off, they take you where you need to go and pick you up when care is ready."

Suzette M. from Sacramento, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 12/20/2014:
"Your customers are treated as family. I never have to wonder if I'm being hoodwinked or overcharged. I've been a satisfied customer for several years. Thank you, UA. I look forward to my next visit at your new location."

Dave H. from Gold River, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 12/9/2014:
"Courteous competent reception, efficient initial process, timely completion of work, gracious introductory pricing, thorough explanation of other maintenance issues & concerns."

Dennis L. from Sacramento, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 12/2/2014:
"what i always tell them Excellent service and work plus a car wash and candy. All for a reasonable price."

Richard A. from Sacramento, CA, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair, on 12/2/2014:
"kept the vehicle too long, lack of communication with the owner, did not get the AAA discount"

Mary O. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 5/12/2014:
"We brought our 2005 Honda Element in to University Automotive for the 90,000 mile service. On top of that, we were about to give the car to our daughter and wanted it to be in the best shape possible. They took care of everything quickly and inexpensively (compared to the dealership!) BONUS: My husband prefers a specific oil filter, so he brought a new one for the technician to install. Later that day we discovered that the new filter we provided was damaged but University Automotive replaced it free of charge. Friendly and professional!"

Jeffrey S. from West Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 4/18/2014:
"Nice to see excellent service at a fair price. Your shop is a HUGE upgrade from working with the dealerships."

Melissa D. from Orangevale, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 4/2/2014:
"Excellent. Everyone is always helpful and courteous and they pronounce my name correctly. That is huge for me! :)"

Nick B. from Sacramento, CA, whose Pontiac was in for an auto repair service, on 3/20/2014:
"Very professional employees. Great service. Clean environment."

Terri Y. from Sacramento, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 3/19/2014:
"Such great service thank you! I get very concerned about finding a good automotive shop to care for my Ford Escape Hybrid, and you guys are a STELLAR find! Not only did you change my oil but you did a full check-up, washed my car and left me cookies. Cookies on the seat? Really? My jaw dropped. It was like a visit from the Auto Fairy. And VERY affordable, especially when compared to what I am used to paying for service in the Bay Area. Thanks again for an EXCELLENT auto service experience. I will be back."

Kate S. from Sacramento, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 3/18/2014:
"Fair prices, great service, and honest professionals!"

Wayne S. from Roseville, CA, whose Saturn was in for an auto repair service, on 3/4/2014:
"Excellent customer service and quality work."

Mark N. from Sacramento, CA, whose Scion was in for an auto repair service, on 3/4/2014:
"The quality of work and customer service raises the bar for all of the competition."

Jean I. from Sacramento, CA, whose Oldsmobile was in for an auto repair, on 2/28/2014:
"Great service and helpful staff"

Bayard C. from Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 2/18/2014:
"Very honest and friendly people that do great work!!"

Susan K. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 2/7/2014:
"They are quick, competent, friendly, and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!"

Sonya L. from Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 1/24/2014:
"On my last visit I was amazed that you were able to wash off all of the tree sap stains that my car was polka-dotted with! Thank you! And it is always a treat to have candy for dinner at the end of the day thanks to you guys! Everyone that I have been in contact with at your shop has always been top-notch!"

Desiree W. from Sacramento, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 1/8/2014:
"The service is top quality as are the people! The customer service is the best!"

Melissa D. from Orangevale, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 11/27/2013:
"Always excellent. I have been a customer for about 16 years. I only go to the dealer for recall work."

Bea on 11/22/2013:
"Great customer service, honest and fair"

Richard B. M. from Carmichael, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 10/12/2013:
"These guys are good! They listen, they tell the truth and they don't overcharge. Doc and Donald go out of their way to make sure you are a happy customer. My automobiles could not be on better hands!"

Ron D. from Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 10/9/2013:
".........that you are a reliable repair shop that does quality work at a reasonable/fair price and give excellent customer service. What's not to like about that?! On my last visit you prepared me for a more expensive repair coming up in the future so I would know in advance. Thank you."

Debra C. on 10/5/2013:
"Great place, go see them"

Wayne S. from Roseville, CA, whose Saturn was in for an auto repair, on 9/13/2013:
"I would highly recommend University Auto for their quality of work."

Mary Jane S. from Sacramento, CA, whose Land was in for an auto repair, on 9/9/2013:
"University Automotive cares about your car and the work they do for you. They know their business and our car. They don't oversell repairs while providing an update on potential issues. I am so pleased I found them and recommend them to everyone I know who owns a car."

Richard J. N. from Sacramento, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 9/7/2013:
"The most professional and courteous in Sacramento."

Jim T. from Sacramento, CA, whose Oldsmobile was in for an auto repair service, on 9/3/2013:
"The folks at University Automotive are the BEST! They always make sure they understand my needs and they always exceed my expectations. They go way beyond "the call of duty." Here's an example. My daughter who lives in San Jose recently called me for advice when her car dealer's shop said she had a bent crank shaft and that it had caused her serpentine belt and the belt tensioner to fail for the third time in a couple of years. I was suspicious so I called Doc at University Auto to get his opinion. He explained what was most likely the issue, and when my daughter told the dealer about it, he admitted that he'd misdiagnosed the repair need and fixed everything at no charge. The information Doc gave me saved her a few thousand dollars. If they hadn't fixed her problem, she was going to bring her car to University Auto. They are amazing people."

Anonymous on 8/28/2013:
"Good shop & customer service. Nice touch with the car wash & candy."

Harold N. from Sacramento, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 8/26/2013:
"Doc and Donald are great! Always great and speedy service from University Auto. I reccomend them to anybody."

Sherri A. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 8/26/2013:
"University Auto has friendly and reliable service. I feel welcomed there and I feel like I can trust in their service and recommendations."

Richard J. N. from Sacramento, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 8/20/2013:
"The staff at University Auto is the best. Professional, courtous, and expert about automotive repair."

Richard M. from Sacramento, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair, on 8/12/2013:
"I came in asking University Auto to replace my spark-plugs, belts and hoses. The spark-plugs needed to be replaced based on scheduled maintenance, however belts and hoses are a judgement call. UA, replaced my spark plugs but told me my belts and hoses were good. They could have easily replaced everything with my blessing and charged me for it, but instead did the honest thing instead. On top of that, they shuttled me back and forth to work on the day of the repair. Can't ask for more than that!!"

Robert & Billie H. from Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 8/6/2013:
"Bob and Billie Hardy always refer our friends to you. We live in Campus Commons and hear all happy customers living here. Good Job!!!!"

Richard M. from Carmichael, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 7/27/2013:
"Go! Best and friendliest shop in town. Go out of their way to help and even SQUEEZE you in when critical"

Valerie C. from Sacramento, CA, whose Kia was in for an auto repair, on 7/26/2013:
"The service I received from University Automotive was great. My air conditioner needed to be repaired, and I had a coupon for a free AC check. They diagnosed the system for free, and ordered the part I needed. Doc and Donald were wonderful, they made it easy to drop off the car, and get it back within my time frame so I could start my vacation, and I was still able to use the 20% off coupon! I will be recommending University Automotive (Doc and Donald) to all my neighbors, friends and co-workers. Thank you, Valerie C…"

Jeffrey W. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 7/25/2013:
"University Automotive's customer service sets a very high standard. Everyone at the counter is great, but Doc is special. The technicians are thorough and fast and prices are fair. And, you leave with a clean car with candy on the front seat."

Desiree W. from Sacramento, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 7/24/2013:
"I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!"

Suzette M. from Sacramento, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 7/23/2013:
"How satisfied I've been over the years. Never have you disappointed me, overcharged me or recommended work that was not needed."

Vicki B. from Carmichael, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 7/22/2013:
"Great people, excellent work."

Justine H. from Rocklin, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 7/22/2013:
"I love this shop! They have an amazing warranty."

Wayne S. from Roseville, CA, whose Saturn was in for an auto repair service, on 7/17/2013:
"I would highly recommend University for excellent quality and customer service. Doc and Donald are great!!"

Melissa D. from Orangevale, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 7/12/2013:
"I always sing your praises."

Brian S. from Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/27/2013:
"see Doc...they'll take care of you and your car needs"

Jan G. on 6/24/2013:
"I was referred by someone else who had a pleasant, thorough and honest experience. Plus, his car ran much better afterword! I can say that my experience was equally as positive--nice staff!"

Michael G. from Carmichael, CA, whose Buick was in for an auto repair, on 6/24/2013:
"Great staff, great mechanic's and you can't beat the 5 yr. 50,000 mile warranty."

Bea M. from West Sacramento, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/20/2013:
"They are the best."

Judy on 6/15/2013:
"Andy and Doc were both very helpful and I was very happy they were able to fit me in quickly when my check engine light came on. The issue was diagnosed and resolved in just one day. Awesome service as usual! Thanks guys :)"

Evelyn K. from Sacramento, CA, whose Buick was in for an auto repair service, on 6/11/2013:
"They give excelent service, Try them."

Mallory M. from Sacramento, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 5/25/2013:
"I always recommend University Automotive to my friends. I trust your service and never feel like I'm being sold something I don't need."

Lori N. from Sacramento, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 5/17/2013:
"University Auto is honest, reliable and a non intimidating environment."

Anonymous on 5/10/2013:
"Excellent service, friendly staff."

Anonymous on 5/5/2013:
"Friendly, trustworthy and efficient."

Jeffrey W. from Sacramento, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 4/20/2013:
"Stop searching for an honest shop -- University Automotive is it! Doc is a treasure. He and all your counter staff are excellent. Your service is prompt and your prices are fair. I recommend your shop without hesitation. Plus, you wash the cars!"

Anonymous on 4/20/2013:
"Stop searching for an honest shop -- University Automotive is it! Doc is a treasure. He and all your counter staff are excellent. Your service is prompt and your prices are fair. I recommend your shop without hesitation."

Chris R. from Sacramento, CA, whose Kia was in for an auto repair service, on 4/17/2013:
"these guys are honest and dependable."

Doug S. from Sacramento, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 4/16/2013:
"First three words that come to mind: Outstanding, trustworthy & courteous. Need I say more!"

Barbara F. D. from Sacramento, CA, whose Pontiac was in for an auto repair service, on 4/6/2013:
"the best i have ever receivwed. i trust them. i have been ripped off at other repair shops. they are honest and know what they are doing. you mauy use my first and last name foir publication if you wish. makes the statement more valid."

Melissa D. from Orangevale, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 3/22/2013:
"I always say how wonderful you are and highly recommend you. I have been a customer for at least 15 years!"

Richard M. from Carmichael, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 3/22/2013:
"Best service in Sacramento---bar none!"

Anonymous on 3/6/2013:
"I always get great service. And thank you for the cookies!!"

Anonymous on 3/5/2013:
"I will not take my cars anywhere BUT University Auto. They are quickly becoming like family to us! :)"

Jeffreyw on 3/3/2013:
"Again, we received exceptional service from Doc and the entire University crew. My wife's Beetle was towed in with a dead two-year-old battery. University stood behind the warranty and quickly had the car running, washed (love that) and with a box of Girl Scout cookies on the seat. Thank you, University Automotive."

Bonnieg on 2/27/2013:
"Job nicely done, clean and fast. No surprises, accept for the awesome customer service which is refreshing to come across. Gave excellent advice and kept my best interest first. They will get my repaeat business, and I would recommend a friend. Thank you!"

Margob on 2/21/2013:
"Craig and his team of professionals make every visit stress free and thorough. Even when I've needed repairs, I get a full explaination of what is needed and why and there is never an unpleasant or unexpected surprise. I'be been a loyal customer for over a decade and plan on more decades to guys rock

Margo Braun"

Jeani on 2/13/2013:
"Received wonderful service."

Anonymous on 2/11/2013:
"Received excellent service and although my bill was high when all the work was done, every effort was made to apply relevant coupons."

Sandral on 1/27/2013:
"The experience here is more like your Dad's shop taking care of his favorite child's car. You cannot get better care for your vehicle anywhere! And the experience goes all the way to a car wash! Sandi"

Anonymous on 1/25/2013:
"I brought my car in for a 100,000 mile service. They said they would need it for the next day. At almost the end of the next day I called them and they had just started on the car. At the end of the second day they still had not finished and I had to wait until the third day to pick it up.
I asked for an estimate twice and they said "let us do an assessment first." Since it took so long to do the work I felt stuck. It was expensive compared to other shops."

Anonymous on 1/22/2013:
"Always great service here, even for something as minor as oil change and power steering flush."

Juliem on 1/20/2013:
"Great Job!!! Very happy with your work!!!"

Gloriag on 1/17/2013:
"Great service. Outstanding work."

Lennye on 1/13/2013:
"Doc isl great."

Sandral on 1/2/2013:
"This is the BEST repair shop ever created. They go way beyond what is expected to a point of having "spoiled" customers. Whatever your circumstances, i.e. you need your car back by a certain time, etc., they do their level best to accommodate all customers concerns."

Jerryr on 12/28/2012:
"Very friendly and reliable service! A bit of a drive for us, but worth it!"

Anonymous on 12/27/2012:
"A friend talked me into returning to the Agency to have my "used" (purchased "used") car serviced...what in the world was I thinking?

Coming back reminded me of why I trust and like everyone at University. I recommended to family who had travelled from out of state and encountered problems--they couldn't believe how nice everyone was and how helpful and immediate the service was. They were impressed beyond words.

Thank you, one and all, for making, always a dreaded appointment, such a pleasant experience."

Richardm on 12/24/2012:
"Thanks to Doc and Patrick. Everything I could possibly expect from automotive service.

Jamess on 12/21/2012:
"Excellent sewrvice as usual."

Jeffreyw on 12/15/2012:
"As always, the diagnosis and the repair were prompt, efficient and right on the money. I have always had a positive experience at University Automotive."

Ericab on 12/14/2012:
"I have been taking my car to Univeristy Auto since it first opened and would never consider taking my car anywhere else. They are friendly, professional, efficient, and very well priced."

Martim on 12/13/2012:
"University Auto once again took great care of me and my car when I needed help on a Friday afternoon. They are closed Sat and Sun, but they arranged for towing on Friday, paid for a rental car, gave me a ride to the rental agency, fixed my car problem Monday morning and returned the rental car for me. Great service. Thank you!"

Barbarar on 12/13/2012:
"Treated like a VIP and the work was completed before the scheduled time. It is always a good experience to deal with University Automotive."

Duaneh on 12/12/2012:
"To One and All,

I left my vehicle with University Automotive for a scheduled oil change on Veteran's Day this year. I received notification on my return that my "US Army Veteran" license plate frame was noticed and with that, I was given the service at no charge. My personal gratitude aside, they proved again that honesty and attention to detail both mechanical and personal is their goal. They have never failed to provide that kind of service to me over many years. "Thank-you" UA for supporting our military service members both past and present.


Duane Hicks


Alisonl on 12/12/2012:
"As always, the service is exceptional, staff friendly, and time commitments respected. Patrick was my contact and he is very helpful."

Paulm on 12/10/2012:
"Tremendous as usual. Doc and the staff were aware that my wife was in and out of the hospital and I was having trouble picking my car up. They deliveried it to me. Thank you.

Paul Miller"

Beam on 12/5/2012:
"University Auto is the absolute best there is. They have proven time after time that they have my best interests at heart. Their prices are fair and there service is amazing!!"

Tiffanys on 12/2/2012:
"Thank you for always putting your customers first. It's obvious the customer is respected and a long-term relationship is the goal. I always feel I can ask any question I may have and I will be treated with honesty and respect."

Rayp on 12/1/2012:
"1. I was the second person in the door and would have preferred reading & waiting but accepted your ride to my home which is close by. You phoned late that afternoon and said my car was ready for "pickup" When I asked about a ride, I was told it would be hours and I interpreted this to mean perhaps even the next day. So I put my thumb out and hitchhike a ride with a neighbor diving down the street!
2. On arrival, I was told because of the weather??? you had not vacumed or washed vehicle. I had spent most of day, with several neighbors in a shot sleave shirt occasionally seeing blue sky and sunshine cleaning up the leaves on the street from elderly shutin and so that leaves would not clog the drains on our long street when the predicted storm arrived the next morning."

Gordonk on 11/24/2012:
"They got it done in an hour - Awesome!"

Brucef on 11/20/2012:
"I had some major work performed and as always I was satisfied with the work, staff professionalism, and the finishing touches (car wash and bag of candy).

Thanks Guys"

Joelc on 11/15/2012:
"I have an old filthy Jeep Wrangler that quit running about 6 months ago. One repair shop put in a new starter and ignition switch and never solved the problem but charged me $360.
University Automotive actually checked the ignition circuit and quickly found a loose ground wire. Sixty bucks and they even washed
it. Simply Outstanding."

Jennieo on 11/14/2012:
"The service received, trust in & happy attitudes from University Automotive staff are just fab! When my car needs work, there is no question where I will go. They help prioritize multiple repairs and work with my schedule. You all are great!"

Teresam on 11/11/2012:
"I was so glad you were able to get my car in the day after I called because my engine light had turned on. My car is running really well. Thanks"

Chrisi on 11/6/2012:
"Always a great experience, friendly, knowledgeable and who can complain about a clean car when you leave.

Tracyo on 10/19/2012:
"I had never heard of this business before, but found it through a Google offer. All I can say is WOW! I was greeted timely and the staff was friendly. I didn't feel like I was in a oil change assembly line like I have at places like Jiffy Lube. They changed my oil and did a 40 point inspection of my car, washed the outside and vacuumed the inside. They let me know about some potential work that needed to be done on my car but didn't pressure me to make an appointment or have them fix it then and there. The waiting area, though small, is clean and nice, and the staff was professional. I even got a small bag of candy as a thank you. It took me about 25 minutes to get there because of where I live so it's kinda far for an oil change, but I was so impressed by this staff that I will definitely be coming back. Kudos to the staff at University Automotive for their quality work and great customer service. :)"

Josephr on 10/15/2012:
"I get the best service and experience when I go to University automotive. They know me by name, take the time to talk to me about my vehicle and do not give the run around about prices or services that "need" to be done."

Marshab on 10/11/2012:
"The service was terrific, but then, it always is. I am always greeted enthusiastically, and well taken care of. Thank you."

Rayp on 10/8/2012:
"I've always been happy with the work and attitude of staff."

Kathyp on 9/27/2012:
"I brought my car in for the first time yesterday with a coupon I received for an oil change, and I'll definitely be back - great people, clean environment. And it's AAA approved."

Markn on 9/27/2012:
"211,000 miles and University Automotive still keeps my car on the road."

Lilm on 9/15/2012:
"As always my experience was great! Everyone I came in contact with were respectful, helpful with my questions and curteous. I would highly recommend your auto shop to my friends."

Lauras on 9/12/2012:
"I have been using University Automotive for about 5 years - and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. When I use the words honest, meticulous and caring you wouldn't ordinarily connect those with a repair shop, but now you can. And I know from my own experience that they stand behind their 5year/50,000 mile warranty. Try this place - I GUARANTEE you will never use another repair shop."

Paulm on 9/4/2012:
"As usual your performance was excellent"

Darleenk on 8/31/2012:
"very prompt in getting my pickup repaired.....

Willm on 8/26/2012:
"I've been using University Automotive for several years, and I feel really good about recommending them. They are not the cheapest (though they do give you good deals with coupons and the Car Care Club), but they are certainly among the best. They can fix the hard stuff that baffles others, and I never feel like they are trying to cheat me or oversell me on anything. The staff is always friends, and the complimentary rides home and back are a real blessing when you only have one vehicle. Thanks guys!"

Wayneh on 8/25/2012:
"Superb service and great wash job"

Josephr on 8/23/2012:
"Scott Knows me by name and knows my vehical"

Martim on 8/18/2012:
"Once again you have provided great service. Thank you for being so professional and friendly, from the car wash/pick-up-delivery service, to the front office staff and to the actual work done. Well done."

Rond on 8/17/2012:
"University Automotive is my "go to" place for automotive repairs. I have one older vehicle and one new car and use the University team for all my automotive repair and maintenance needs. I'm a member of their car club, receive and use their rebate checks, and have always been highly satisfied with the quality of the service and the customer care they provide. What a great organization! Gives me much peace of mind."

Anonymous on 8/15/2012:
"As always, University Auto exceeded my expectations. I was used to being raped by the manufacturer and now I don't have to!"

Kerstie on 8/12/2012:
"We always receive good customer service."

Johnc on 7/26/2012:
"Prompt complete service. My car was in and out as promised with all work completed at the cost estimated."

Johnl on 7/23/2012:
"My original appointment was for a routine oil change. Per request my brakes were checked for a new concerning I was experiencing. Doc promptly let me know that I was in need of new brakes, pads, the works, and that I would need to leave my vehicle over night. Doc also let me know that my vechile would be kept secure inside the garage over night. Within a few hour of opening the following day, my vehicle's brake work was complete, along with a wash and vacuuming. I was able to use a coupon to lessen my total bill. It was a pleasure working with Doc, and the work on my vehicle was satisfactory, per usual. I've trusted University Auto for over 13 years now. Thanks again!"

Pattym on 7/14/2012:
"Did a great job and washed the car too"

Suzettem on 7/14/2012:
"Thank you, once again, for all your courtesies. I only see you guys about twice, maybe three times a year and it's always a good experience. You're simply THE BEST ! !"

Roberth on 7/9/2012:
"We have been very happy over the years with
the wonderful, personal, great service you
have given us with both our cars. We do refer
our friends and neighbors to you. Thank you for
the many extra care you give us and also the
cute goodie bag.
Billie and Robert Hardy"

Modestam on 6/27/2012:
"everyone was very easy to work with. car was ready before expected. we now know what is wrong with the air conditioning but can't afford to fix even with the discount offered. we will be taking the car back for all it's work needed."

Barbaraf on 6/26/2012:
"The attention was wonderful - Thank you for being so nice when one is dropping off or picking up the car. Love the treat bag :)"

Garyg on 6/25/2012:
".Always professiona; and nice to get the car back all washed and clean"

Gordonk on 6/22/2012:
"Great Service! I always enjoy coming here."

Brewsterm on 6/15/2012:
"much too expensive. next time shop around the city. its a shame"

Paulm on 6/7/2012:
"As usual great service, nice people.

University is one of the few places that, if something were to happen to me, my wife could continue to use and be treated honestly and with consideration. I think that is the true test of an organization.

Your new man up front adds a lot."

Alisont on 6/6/2012:
"I give University Auto high ratings for:
1) Always polite & friendly service in person and on-phone
2) Quality work, well-explained
3) They treat me and my 12 year old Toyota minivan as respectfully as the 1 year old Lexus, and it's owner, next to me in line
4) The convenience of a shuttle ride after dropping off vehicle, and back to pick up if needed. They have even driven me and kids back to house in my car, dropped us off and taken it to the shop, so that we didn't have to take the child safety seats out.
5) Perks like decent coffee and magazines in the waiting area, and a little bag of candy left in the freshly washed car upon pickup!
6) Obviously they aren't the cheapest shop around, but their shop time rates are the same as most dealers, and they make it easy to have your car serviced."

Carol A. on 6/6/2012:
"As always, my recent experience with employees of University Auto was great. Whether I call ahead and make an appointment or show up on your door step, service is always top notch!! Thank you!!"

Markn on 6/2/2012:
"Seriously, University Automotive is hands down, the best auto shop ever. They have the BEST customer service, and they always do a gret job explaining the problem, how it needs to be fixed, how much it will cost and how long it will take. I love this place, and l trust and like these guys so much that if there were nothing wrong with my car, I would take it there anyways just to see them."

Anonymous on 5/25/2012:
"Fast, efficient, and thorough, as always! Wouldn't take our cars anywhere else!"

Roser on 5/20/2012:
"Tops in all aspects. Even washed the car. Highly recommend."

Johnc on 5/14/2012:
"I had my BMW serviced at University Automotive again, and again the service was as to be expected - excellent."

Anonymous on 5/13/2012:
"Always appreciate your excellent service,and the extra gracious kindnesses!"

Barbarar on 5/10/2012:
"Having your vehicle serviced is something you HAVE to do and at University Automotive it is not an inconvenience. The services they provide is priced resonably, the interaction with the employee's a delight and the work exceptional. What more could you want?"

Anonymous on 5/10/2012:
"I particularly notice that you have a base of women customers who know that they will be treated honestly without the assumption that they can be taken advantage of."

Teresam on 5/9/2012:
"My air conditioning is once again blowing cold air, just in time for the heat wave. I was worried it would be a pricey repair. It was less than $150 ;-)"

Wesh on 5/9/2012:
"I had an excellent experience and accurate diagnosis. Even though I just brought the vehicle in for an oil change, I appreciated the courtesy inspection, which provided insight into the issues I am going to face in the near future. Thanks for your honesty and professionalism!"

Lennye on 5/6/2012:
"Great service. Great people. Doc is great."

Annd on 5/6/2012:
"I have been going to University Automotive for years because I know they are honest and competent at what they do. The only car I hadn't taken in was my 2005 BMW, and that was because I had a maintenance agreement with the dealer. Now that it has expired, I am happy to be taking all three of our family cars to Univ.Auto. Their prices are middle-of-the-road, so I wouldn't say they are the least expensive repair shop in town, but their service and dependability is worth even more. You can have peace of mind when you get your auto repairs done there, knowing you didn't get ripped off. And they are friendly and courteous on top of that."

Anonymous on 5/5/2012:
"I always feel I'm getting great service and the staff are wonderful. I think they (staff) are very knowledgeable and I trust what they tell me about my car."

Jeffreyw on 5/4/2012:
"In any business, the way a customer is treated at the counter reflects the philosophy of the owners/managers. The owners of University Automotive have it dialed in. Counterman Scott and everyone else we have met there are friendly, yet professional. This shop is honest and their prices are fair. On the rare occasion we have had to bring our car back after a repair, there are no excuses -- they just make it right. And they wash your car, too! We won't go anywhere else."

Richardm on 5/1/2012:
"I think I caught you on a bad day. Usually, My car is brought back by 4:30 but on the last service it was closer to 6:00 PM. I think you were short handed but I'll still come back. Your service is better than any dealer I know of or worked for."

Johnb on 4/26/2012:
"They completed my oil change while I waited. It took about an hour and a half. They were going to wash my car but I was kind do in a hurry so I told them to forget the car wash, it was going to rain the next anyway. He told me to bring my car back next week and they would wash it for me then. The only thing negative I can nit pick about is the door from the office to the shop that they keep gong in and out of kept slamming shut. It is adjacent to the waiting room and it got extremely annoying. But again, just being picky. Everything and everyone was great."

Jeannieb on 4/22/2012:
"Thank you again for excellent service!"

Margob on 4/18/2012:
"Craig and his staff are a true group of professionals. They are knowledgable, courteous and make you feel safe leaving your car in their care. You are never surprised with outrageous costly repairs. You get an itemized cost estimate which you can reveiw and accept before the work is done. And who else in town does your routine oil change and throws in a free car wash and leaves you lovely treats when you get your car back..

Everyone at University Auto is First Class just like the owners...Ive been a customer for over a decade and intend on many more decades to come. You ROCK!!!!"

Anonymous on 4/10/2012:
"Was told that my car wouldn't be seen until the next day but was able to be seen right away and done in the same day!"

Chrisi on 4/8/2012:
"Once again, our visit was pleasant. Everyone is soooooo nice and helpful, who knew taking your car into the shop wold be a pleasant experience. And we always leave with a treat, what more could you ask, and a clean car!"

Chuckm on 4/7/2012:
"Went in for maintenance on clutch, emergency brake, and oil change. All taken care of same day, at about $120.00. Thx"

Karenc on 4/5/2012:
"I have been taking my cars to University Automotive for over 10 years and never been disappointed. At one point they made a "house-call" to fix my car, can't beat that!"

Richardm on 3/31/2012:
This car was totaled out in an 2010 accident. Take it off your records. It's history.

Anonymous on 3/26/2012:
"they always take very good care of me. And thank you for the cookies"

Alisonl on 3/23/2012:
"My experience with University Automotive is invariably excellent, this week and every time. Not only does the staff do what is asked but the car is checked to ensure safety. I trust them and the work done. And everyone is so nice!"

Michelles on 3/21/2012:
"I really appreciate your service. I was very proud to be able to get the basketball through the hoop, that was fun. Thank you for the prize and the cookies and overall taking care of my car and keeping me safe!"

Richardm on 2/29/2012:
"The best service in town--bar none!"

Philg on 9/20/2011:

I brought my 1999 Honda civic DX in for a new radiator and I now have a

broken back supporter (required for my long commute and work with disabled

clients), I also have a seatbelt light that won't go off; I'm not sure how this

might effect how and when my sirbags react in case of an accident.

I sincerely hope they can fix the new problem, that did not

exist before I dropped my car off in the first place.

Yours, Phil Goodyear"

Adamg on 8/2/2011:
"I had 3 services completed on my vehicle. Not only was all work completed on time, but they were able to get authorization for part of the services from my extended warranty, so I was able to pay less out of pocket.

Getting a ride to work in the morning makes it easy to bring my vehicle in for maintenance."


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